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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photos & Scanning, Part 1...

What to do with photos that you don't have a clue as to who is in the photo? I started a project a couple of years ago in getting all of the old family photos scanned. But before I started doing that & before my mom passed away, her & I sat down & we went through all of the family photos....with her identifying those that she knew. Of course, there were several she didn't know who they were & I've asked around, but sad to say, no luck in really getting them identified. :( Not a good thing. I only have one elderly aunt still living & other than her, there's no one left to identify these people. So what do you do with them....the photos? Keep them? Throw them away? (((Don't worry, no way would I do that!))) So just what do you do with them? I guess I'll put them away with a note saying what is going on & hold on to them for now.

In saying all of that, I've preached to everyone to "
L A B E L" those photos they have sitting around & do it NOW before it is too late. Sad to say, I don't think many have follow that bit of advice. Everyone looks through their photos & just know that they will never forget that the baby in such & such photo is little Tom. Yet they will, give them about 20 years & they will kick themselves for not making any kind of notation on the back of the photo.....cause they now don't have a clue as to who that baby is! lol My uncle used to tell me to always label them with the name of the person, the date (at the very least the year) & the location. Good advice if you ask me. I have to admit, even I haven't gone through all of my recent photos & labeled them. Bad me!!!!!

Anyhoo, I have gotten about 90% of the family photos scanned now. I say about 90%, cause I'm still finding old photos. Since I've been cleaning out the spare/junk room, I'm finding them stuck the number of old photos is ever increasing. :) And the ones I've scanned, I've been, every so often when I get the chance, making a copy of the new digital format & labeling all of the people in the photo. That's taking quiet a bit of time. This way, a person will have the original scanned photo & a copy of it identifying the people in it. Once I get them ALL done, I have plans on making a CD copy for anyone in the family interested in having one.

HINT ON SCANNING: The way I have found to make scanning photos easier & quicker, is to scan several photos at a time. It is definitely quicker doing it that way. Then you can either keep them that way or if you don't have a gazillion photos like I do, you can cut/paste out each photo. Letting each photo stand on its own.

HINT CON'T: What you name each scan is, of course, up to you. What works for me is to just start naming each scan numerically. I started with #1, #2, #3, etc. And since I made a copy of each scan (so I could label the people in the photo), I named those #1z, #2z, #3z, etc.....corresponding with the original scan.

HINT CON'T: If you like, you could make a "Master List" of your scans & list who is on each photo. Such as Scan #1 = Paul Johns, Mabel Lockes, Tammy Smith. Could even go further & have a listing for each scan that a person is included in.

OK, I think I've done enough gabbering for today! lol

Later, Deb

Original Post From 03 Feb 2009

We have four bedrooms in our home. One is for my brother, second one is mine, third one was for my Mom (before she passed away) & the last one was "supposed" to be a spare bedroom, for when guests came to spend the night. Notice I said "supposed"....cause it slowly turned into (how do I put this?) oh OK, a BIG ol' JUNK room, its that simple. Seriously! While we were moving in two years ago on the 2nd day, we just gave out on moving boxes & trying to get them organized. So of course, what better plans than to stick those boxes & such, that we knew we didn't need to get into right now, into the spare bedroom. My heart was in the right place, I was always going to tackle the room & finish unpacking everything & put everything where it should have gone. People that was over two years ago & as of a couple of weeks ago, it still looked the same! No, I take that back, it looked worse.....cause over time, I just kept sticking things in there. It finally got to where if I put much of anything more in there, you wouldn't have been able to close the door! lol I laugh but it's sad.....

Anyhoo, Mom passed away in October & I felt bad that I never really got the room ready & had unpacked some of her stuff. And it's been weighing on my heart that I didn't do that. Like I said earlier, within the last few weeks, I've been just taking it a day at a time & slowly going through everything. Some days I might work a couple of hours & other days I really get on a roll & work for 4+ hours on it.

Now in saying all of that, you're probably are wondering just what does that have to do with genealogy? Don't worry, I'd be thinking the same thing myself if I was you. heehee

The way all of this ties into the subject of genealogy is finding old family photos that I didn't know about. As well as finding Mom's certificate from when she graduated (in 1937) from high school & her autograph book she had when she was in school. (((Oh I bet she would have loved to have seen that again & could have gone down memory lane one more time))) I've even found a wooden box that was full of letters, postcards & Christmas cards. When I first started going through it, all I was seeing are letters written to a lady that I had never heard of. Back when my Dad was alive, he used to go to auctions & buy all kinds of stuff & I just figured this wooden box was one of the things he acquired. But in going through everything in that box, I found a few postcards written by Papa (my mother's dad) to his 2nd wife & some written by her to him. Among the things was also a card from Social Security to my granddaddy (my dad's dad) letting him know his SS#. Now I don't know who the box originally belong to, what with it having a few things from both sets of grandparents. Definitely a mystery there.....hopefully once I get a chance, I can do a bit of detective work & find out who this other lady is & if she is related to us or not. If it turns out she's not related, I'm hoping to at least find some of her relatives & pass them on to them if they are interested.

My mother learned how to crochet & knit at the age of 8 years old. In going through some of the things in the "junk" room, I've found several old pieces of work that she has done over the years. Looking at a few of them, I'm even thinking that my grandmother (my dad's mother) made some of them. That is a wonderful treasure to discover!

So yes, even though this started out as "I so need to clean out that junk room" type project, it has definitely had its rewards along with doing it. Not only finally getting it all organized, but finding some wonderful genealogy treasures. :) I'm hoping there's still some more treasures to be found, as I have several more boxes & such to go through. Well, you never know, right? :)

Later, DebJo

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Original Post From 25 Sep 2008

Yes I know, it's been forever & a day since I last posted......shame on me, right? lol I just never know what to write in these things. So today I thought I'd write a few things about genealogy & where I'm going with it. Or I should say where I would like to go with it.

Here in the very near future, I'm going to have to let my subscription go to & I hate that. I've been quite lucky in finding so much useful information on there. But I look at it that for years I didn't have it & was able to do things to further my research & I'm sure I can do it again. The new information just won't be as fast coming as it has been for the last couple of years.

Since I won't have the subscription any longer, I thought this would be a VERY good time to get all of the information I have a lot more organized. What I have so far isn't too far from being organized, nor is it in bad is just that it could be in a lot better order & now would be a good time for me to do it. I know I have bits of information sitting in my files that I haven't recorded yet, so in a way I'll feel like I'm still doing vital research. lol

Also, I've been thinking about re-doing my Family Group Sheets. I originally started out writing all of the data on a regular Family Group Sheets, but I never was too crazy about it. So I got the brainy idea of doing them on the BIG index cards & I really REALLY liked doing it that way. It was much easier for me to find someone when I needed to see their info & plus they were easier to handle. Then I got to thinking I would like to have this or that included on the cards. So with what all I wanted to include, well it just wasn't going to be very feasible to use an index matter how big the thing is. The other day I made my own Family Group Sheet & I think I'm going to print those out & use them. To transfer all of the data for each family member will take me quite a bit of time. It will definitely keep me busy. :)

One of the things I wanted on the Family Group Sheet was an area where I could list what records I had for each person. It would make it so much simpler for me to know when I found a 1910 census with Uncle So & So on it, if I already had it or not. As well as birth record, death record, marriage record.....well you get the idea.

Then I would like to fine tune my Family Tree. Make sure I have entered all of the notes I have on everyone keyed in. Be sure I have a photo posted for those I have a picture of. Things like that.

Something I noticed the other day & everyone else might already know this but it was one of those "DUH" moments for me. I have posted on Ancestry's Surname Message Boards for my 4 great grandparents hoping to hear something back from someone. (((so far nothing, but I haven't given up yet))) Then I discovered that Rootsweb also has the surname message boards too. Great! Figured I needed to post over there & increase my chances of someone answering, right? lol Dummy me, finally realized that both message boards are the SAME THING! No wonder I see some of them double-posting.....I bet they didn't know either. At least I figured it out before I did any posting. And here I thought I was pretty smart on genealogy -- I mean I've only been at it for the past 13+ years!!! heehee

Later, Deb

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Original Post From 20 Sep 2007

Hello to anyone reading this. :) I finally decided to start my journal on what is going on with my family's genealogy project. First off, I guess I need to admit that as much as I love genealogy, it also drives me crazy.....but in a good way. lol Sometimes it can confuse me like nothing else does, then there are the times when I feel like I have just discovered gold or something. But isn't that the way genealogy is supposed to be?

Anyhoo, a few months ago I was able to find a second cousin that everyone in the family had lost touch with for over 30 some odd years. And believe me, that was a wonderful feeling. I was doing a search on one of his uncles in the obituary database, when I happen to run across my 1st cousin's wife's name. In pulling up the obit, I found that in fact it was my cousins & it listed all of their names & where they were living at the time of her death. Which was only about 4 years ago. I took a big chance & looked them all up in a phone directory for that town. Though by this time only one of the kids was still listed as living there. Then I took my 2nd big chance & wrote him a letter....after 2 weeks of not hearing back, I just figured I had it either all wrong & it wasn't our kin or he wasn't interested in making contact. Life has a way of playing with you, cause right then I had decided that was a lost cause, when lo & behold, the very next day I get a letter back from him! To highlight what happen....we exchange phone numbers & talked for hours. Then he came down for a visit, he was so anxious to meet his great aunt. After that, we talked a few times, but now it has been several months since I've heard from him, so I guess it's back to not having him in our family. ***sigh***

OK, I think I'll stop there for now. Maybe I'll put another story about one of my finds on here. If anyone should actually read this & they know of others that are interested in Genealogy, please let me know how to get in touch with them. I have an account on LJ (Live Journal) too & they have "communities" where you can join those that share the same interests as you, does Blogger have anything like that too?

Later, Deb

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Original Post From 10 Jan 2007

What I hope to achieve here is to have a place to expand on my hobby of genealogy. I've been interested in genealogy for about the last 13+ or so years. I got a new Family Tree Maker program a couple of months ago but have yet to really in-put any data yet. We moved back at the 1st October & I'm still going through boxes, so it might be awhile before I can get everything keyed in. I'm quite looking forward to when I can get back on it, I love digging & researching my family history. Heck, right now I'm thrilled when I find anything on my 1st cousins. Seems there are quite a few of my Aunt Helen's kids that we've lost contact with for years (too many years to count, sad to say) & I think it is harder to find stuff on people in this generation. At times it seems easier to find people the further back you go, but when it is on someone who might still be living it is almost impossible.

(((Note: I started this new Blog for just my genealogy I went to my old blog & copied this original post (dated: 10 Jan 2007) from it.)))